Dubai : World’s Best City For Vacation In 2022

Dubai has been ranked the best destination for family vacations in 2022, according to the travel insurance company site InsureMyTrip. The survey covers the quality of family hotels, quality of nearby beaches, quantity of family attractions, sea temperature, lowest wavelength, weakest ocean current strength and area safety. The Emirate received high scores in five out of seven categories, including area...

Freelance Visa In Dubai

IntroducingThe UAE offers a large number of opportunities for expats, ranging from working as a freelancer to starting your own businesses. Recently, there have been a number of special initiatives aimed at the facilitation of obtaining a freelance visa permit, as well as a reduction in costs. One of these initiatives is the “GoFreelance” package, which was developed by TECOM Group in cooperation with...

Guide Of Dubai Visas

Over the past 50 years, Dubai has been climbing up a number of global rankings, in global tourism, development and foreign investment surveys. In fact, according to The Resonance Consultancy’s World’s Best Cities Report, Dubai was ranked the 5th best city in the world thanks to its record-breaking attractions, exceptional infrastructure and beneficial business environment.Since the emirate has a...

UAE Golden Visa

Changes made by UAE in residency, entry and golden visas.The UAE Government Media Office posted a couple of circulars with new information regarding the visa scheme of the country. The new types of visas fall under Residence permits, New Entry, and Golden visas. Requirements for each vary. The new system of residence visas targets skilled employees, freelancers, and investors allowing them to obtain a...

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